Saturday, June 28, 2008

blogging is humbling...

As usual, I am sitting in a coffee shop playing on my laptop surfing the web and Googling different subject. What I thought was pretty interesting is that the majority of the links I found on interesting topics were mostly on people's blogs. A while back I blogged on how people have found this site, mostly through Google, and for some reason it is really sinking in just how wild this whole blogging thing is.

Now of course most people find my site because they did a search on a topic of interest rather than coming to my site specifically to see what I have to say. But the fact that there are people literally all over the world are reading my words is a pretty wild concept. Along these lines I went to my SiteMeter which can show a map of the world and where the last 100 visiters live and it is so cool seeing the impact of the internet. In just the last couple of days I have had visitors from Sweeden, Bulgaria, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Ireland, and Cyprus.

Even though I am sure most visitors just pop on and then pop off of my ramblings, but just the fact that people have stopped by is just pretty cool and just a little bit humbling.