Friday, July 18, 2008

practically recession-proof

I will admit that even though I am mostly an optimist, our economy is really going through a rough patch. I have no doubt that we will come out of it stronger than ever (hey we survived the Carter years after all) even though it might take awhile.

But in listening to the news, something hit me that brought a little smile to my face. I spent 8 years in the high tech industry, specifically in sales and marketing, so when there was a down-turn in the economy, it had a huge impact on me and on more than one occasion I was even laid off (3 of the last 4 companies I worked for do not even exist anymore). Well now here I sit as an 8th grade science teacher and I have to say this brings a whole lot of comfort to me in the fact that my job is extremely secure.

Teacher always tend to bitch and moan in that they do not make enough money - heck I even organized some picketing this year on that very subject. But I would soooo rather complain in the fact that I did not get a big enough raise this year than having to figure out where my next paycheck was coming from and trying to decide which bills I would pay this month and which would have to wait until I got the nasty phone calls.Yes, been there, done that.

Oh sure, teachers do get laid off from time to time but it is not something that happens a lot. And I must say it feels good that I have a lot of "plusses" going for me that really moves me away from that pink-slip:
  • 4 years seniority (maybe not a whole lot but there is a huge pool of "baby teachers" below me on the totem pole)
  • Middle school teacher (and halfway through getting my masters in middle level education)
  • Science teacher (I teach science because I love it - and then there is the side benefit that a lot of people do not share that love)
  • Being male (yes there are benefits to being a part of a "minority" even though it is not publicly talked about)

Now since I have been through numerous layoffs I can totally feel the pain of these people who are loosing their jobs because of downsizing. But for once, I can at least sleep a little better at night not having to worry about my boss coming up to me asking that gut-wrenching question:
"You got a minute?"
[Note: for anybody who has been laid off, you just got a chill to run up your spine after reading those simple four words because you remember the conversation that followed.]


Betty said...

I know what you mean. My husband is in the business world and has been out of work on more than one occasion. Having job security as a teacher helped me get through the tough times. Now I am getting ready to substitute teach in order to help make ends meet. Even in retirement, the teaching world is calling me back.