June 5, 2019

Best Websites to Broaden Your Mind and Learn Foreign Languages

One of the biggest advantages when learning a new language is that it broadens your mind. However, learning a foreign language is not an easy process. On top of that, when you are an adult, the process is even more difficult. Moreover, learning a language doesn’t occur overnight. You will need both time and finances if you want to improve your fluency. However, apart from the best translation site, there are also other methods you can use to learn a new language and communicate with others.

Top Websites to Learn a New Language

1. Duolingo

One of the most popular websites, Duolingo, brings also the advantage of being a free site. You can learn your preferred language by exercising on various games which will help you understand the language’s basics. As many users say, Duolingo has only one disadvantage, it can be addictive. Moreover, even though it has a huge success already, Duolingo promises to remain a free app and help many more users in the future. In addition, Duolingo is compatible with any operating system: Windows, Android, and iPhone. You can choose any of the six languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Create your profile and you are ready to play engaging games to learn a new language.

2. Livemocha/Bilingua

Livemocha is an excellent website for those who want to learn a new language as it offers a variety of games, for a wide range of languages. You can choose to learn any of the 35 languages from the website. Livemocha is different from other similar websites as it comes with an impressive community of native speakers from 190 countries. You can improve your language and communication skills by discussing with them and sharing opinions. Even though Livemocha closed in 2016, it continued the strategy and benefits with Bilingua.

3. FluentU

One of the most efficient methods, when you learn a new language, is watching videos and practicing. FluentU offers regular videos which you can use to understand the secrets of the new language. For example, you can watch a person who is speaking or a music video in the respective language. You will also notice that each video comes with interactive captions which will help you become an expert in that language. In addition, you can also take interactive quizzes to measure your learning progress. FluentU is not a free tool, but you can benefit from a 15-day trial which will help you decide if you like this website.

4. Memrise

You can learn a new language by having fun and play word games. Memrise is the perfect game you can try when you are just beginning to learn a new language. It is very similar to Duolingo as it comes with games which you can try to become better with every lesson. You can play word games and easily memorize the language. Furthermore, if you use the basic app, you will enjoy a cost-free experience. On the other hand, you can also use the Pro version and go deeper into the learning process.


Learning a new language can help you in many ways. It will help you when you are traveling as it will also help you to broaden your horizons. Irrespective of the reason you have to learn a new language, you should start doing it right away. Use any of the websites above and improve your fluency level.